The C in PLACE is for Connecting Passion with Ministry. Passion is all about the heart. Understanding your passion points you in a direction of ministry that never gets old or boring.

The A in PLACE is for Abilities Awareness. In this assessment, you will discover the optimal environment for you to be both fulfilled and competent in ministry and life.

All believers are gifted, few use their gifts. Why?

Do you know how God specifically created you to serve?

Most believers never discover their potential. Why?

You find your life as you give it away. Do you know what you have to give?

Individuals Resources:

The L in PLACE is for Learning Spiritual Gifts. Discovering your spiritual gifts is invaluable in knowing how God desires to use you in life and ministry. PLACE uses a scripture-based 16 gift assessment to help you discover your giftedness.

The P in PLACE is for Personality Discovery. It is important to understand how you "see the world", what lens you look through and how you function in life. Our unique personality assessment will help you discover "you".

Do you know your purpose?

Most believers never discover their purpose. Why?

You find your life as you give it away. Not a reality for most. Why?

Bringing the five elements (PLACE) together will put you on a path of not only HOW but WHERE to give your life away. And as you give your life away, remember, you will find it (Matthew 16:25)!

The E in PLACE is for Experiences of Life. Often times your experiences will lead to exactly where you find your life as you give it away. Who better to walk down a road with then someone who has already walked in their shoes? 

God's people serving others. Not a reality for most. Why?

Have you discovered how God wants use you?

Most believers never discover how God wants to use them. Why?

Do you know your potential?