PLACE Coaching: Not More Training, But...

  Over the years our team at PLACE Ministries has discussed why coaching often seems to be the challenge and often where PLACE gets derailed with churches and organizations using PLACE.  We have often thought, “Well maybe we at PLACE Ministries need to provide more training for those desiring to be coaches.” Recently, I came to the conclusion this is not the case.

  Before I give the number one reason why PLACE often gets derailed at the coaching stage let me give the second reason first and hopefully you will read the entire article.  The second reason it gets derailed is there is no time or inadequate time committed to training coaches.  In introducing PLACE during our regular two-day PLACE workshops around the country we have taught the following steps for training coaches:​

​​1. Attend PLACE as a participant.

2. Be coached yourself (PLACE team practices on each other if there are trained coaches).

​3. Read Understanding How Others Misunderstand You.

6. Watch two coaching sessions (preferably with different coaches) as silent observer

7. Conduct two coaching sessions with trained coached silently observing and giving
feedback at the end of the coaching session

8. Commit to 6 to 8 coaching sessions before determining if coaching is the right PLACE (it takes 6 to 8 coaching sessions to feel comfortable and somewhat adequate)

4. Read Connection Coaching Training Guide.

Number 1 Reason PLACE Gets Derailed At Coaching:


Serving Him Together,

The key to not being derailed at Coaching is scheduling coaching sessions before the last PLACE session!

5. Watch Connection Coach Training Videos of Jay and Ginger McSwain.


A Sample Schedule

IF a schedule is provided during the last session of PLACE for those completing PLACE to sign-up on the spot for an arranged appointment that 90% or more of those completing the teaching component of PLACE WILL BE COACHED.  Those who do not have a schedule prior to the last session of PLACE will have 

30% or less coached.

  This sounds so simple and elementary. The number one reason as to why those completing PLACE never get coached is because they are never scheduled to be coached.  Because people are never scheduled to be coached I sense those overseeing PLACE (and talking to our staff at PLACE Ministries) believe the reason is the coaches are not adequately prepared.

​  IF  you are adequately trained and equipped as a PLACE Coach through the 8 steps above and fairly gifted at any type of coaching (remember great coaches ask questions and allow those being coached to come up with the solutions) I believe you will be successful. I don’t believe you have to know everything about the DISC personalities or have expert knowledge in the 16 spiritual gifts.  The supplemental material in the PLACE material describing each PLACE element is the expert. And by the way when you watch me or Ginger in the videos remember those are not our first coaching experiences. When those videos were done we had done hundreds of coaching sessions.

  While I don’t have scientific data to back this up I believe with a fair amount of intuition in looking at my own experience in PLACE at my church and talking

with hundreds of churches using PLACE that:

Bottom Line

  The schedule above was provided to Dyanne (a volunteer at my church) about a week before we finished our last PLACE Experience. It took Dyanne three reminders as our PLACE Administrator to finally get me to give my available dates for coaching. I am fairly good at coaching but not so good at providing a schedule to Dyanne for my available schedule for coaching. But, Dyanne knows her responsibility is to get ALL those who complete PLACE to be coached. After I finished teaching the “E” (Experiences of Life) in PLACE each person went to
Dyanne who had each PLACE Connection Coaches’ schedule and signed them up for their coaching session. And in our last session every person signed up for a coaching session and every person who completed the five sessions of PLACE were coached. This is true almost 100% of the time at my church when we prearrange coaching appointments before the last session of PLACE. And it will be true for your church or organization IF you will arrange for coaching before the last session of PLACE and present opportunities to sign up before those attending PLACE leave the last session.