What Irritated Me?
   Now to what irritated me about the situation with sitting down with the college students. I do not know why the college leadership used their church’s financial resources to purchase our assessments. I do not know why the college leadership used the students time in taking the assessments online and half heartily did a little teaching on the assessments. But, what I do know is nothing stuck with the two students I was sitting down with a couple of weeks ago. Now, before you think I am a totally mean person in getting irritated with the college leadership let me state I am thankful that the college leadership would start the process with the two students I had the pleasure of coaching. 

Why does this irritate me and why did little to nothing stick with the students? Because assessments alone even with a supplemental explanation like with the PLACE assessments rarely change an individual’s life.

Experience Has Taught Me…

   Experience has taught me over the years in using PLACE that our assessments are excellent and our teaching is Biblical, insightful, motivational, and challenging. But experience has also taught me that real life change takes place (no pun intended) when a person who has experienced the PLACE assessments and the teaching principles of PLACE has an opportunity to flesh out what they learned in a one-on-one coaching session.

 Please Consider

   If you have read this article to this point most likely you are coaching those who take the PLACE assessments and have experienced some format of the teaching principles of PLACE or have a desire to consider and/or implement coaching into your PLACE process. Would you please consider attending our PLACE Facilitator/Coaching (click for more info-https://placeministries.wazala.com/category/events/ – let’s discuss this together) that is coming up September 14-15 in Atlanta.

   The last 12 months I have coached more people than in the last several years combined. The insights I will be sharing in our all day coaching sessions will be invaluable in helping you coach others through PLACE. Because of all that I am learning (yes even after almost 20 years) I believe the Facilitator/Coaching Workshop will be the best we have offered. Thanks for the privilege you give us at PLACE Ministries to serve you!

Serving Him Together,


What Irritates and Energizes You?

 "Recently, I got very irritated with a conversation I had with two college students who had taken the PLACE online assessments at their church. I wasn’t irritated with the students, but with their leaders who had them take the PLACE online assessments."

  Before I tell you what irritated me let me tell you what didn’t irritate me and what I relished and what energized me about talking with these two college students. What I relished and was energized with was both of them do not have a clear direction on what they desire to pursue as a vocation when they graduate from college in three years. And while our conversation was focused on something other than they had taken the PLACE assessments and didn’t know what to pursue regarding a career the topic came up so we begin to dive into their assessments which were in the mobilyzr database which their church subscribed to from PLACE. After about forty-five minutes we had determined a couple of fields they were considering probably were not suited for them based on how God had created them. We had also talked about a couple of fields that might be worth considering in the days ahead. They both agreed. To say the time spent with these two sharp college students was rewarding and energizing was an understatement.