Remove Tunnel Vision

Before I answer the question of what is tunnel vision as it relates to PLACE and how you must remove it to understand the PLACE Profile let me ask you a few questions about being in a tunnel.

Does a tunnel:

1. Limit your view?

2. Allow you to fully sense what is going on outside the tunnel?

3. Give many options to change directions or turn left or right?

4. Limit how far you can see what is ahead if there are no lights?

I think most would answer yes to all of the questions above.  So, how does tunnel vision and interpreting the PLACE Profile intersect? Let me explain through a real life example. A couple of years ago the Executive Pastor at a multi-site church called up befuddled about one of their campus pastors who was miserable leading one of their campuses. He couldn’t understand why the campus pastor who had taken PLACE was unhappy in his job. The Executive Pastor told us he was the perfect fit based on his personality assessment (D/C) for being a campus pastor.

     When we pulled up his PLACE Profile his top spiritual gifts were Knowledge, Wisdom and Teaching. We asked the Executive Pastor how much knowledge (the desire and ability to dig deep into God’s Word and pull out biblical truth), wisdom (the desire and ability to apply biblical truth in practical ways) and teaching (the desire and ability to present biblical truth in easy to grasp ways) he needed to make sure the worship team was off the stage before the lead pastor came on the video screen or how much biblical knowledge did it take to make sure the parking lot was filled with warm and happy greeters for guests to name just a few roles he fulfilled in administratively leading the campus? Then we asked him where the campus pastor was being able to use his spiritual gifts of knowledge, wisdom and teaching.        

     The answer was, “No where”. In other words the Executive Pastor was looking at the PLACE Profile through tunnel vision by only looking at personality and disregarding any other element like spiritual gifts.

What is Tunnel Vision?

So how do you remove tunnel vision? Again, because these articles are intended to be short I will talk about how to do this in our next article. But, remember this key. It first takes awareness to not just interpret the PLACE Profile through the lens of any one element. If you don’t have this awareness most likely you will interpret the PLACE Profile through tunnel vision.

Serving Him Together,


Do you have tunnel vision in interpreting the PLACE Profile? Most likely you do and because of this tunnel vision you are getting very little out of the power of the entire PLACE Profile.

     I want to teach you in several articles what took me years to be able to intuitively do in interpreting the PLACE Profile. Because we try and keep these articles short I will need more than one article to complete the goal of interpreting the PLACE Profile holistically. In this series of articles I want you to have five key takeaways in interpreting the PLACE Profile not just individually but holistically.

The five key takeaways are:

1. Remove tunnel vision

2. As a coach, intentionally learn to focus on asking yourself questions

3. Understand the language and have a comprehensive knowledge

4. Discard preconceived ideas regarding assessment scores

5. Practice through art and science