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  The Gift of Helps is the special attribute given by God’s Spirit to certain members of the Body of Christ to help other members be more effective in using their Gift(s) within the Body.

  The Gift of Service is the special attribute given by God’s Spirit to certain members of the Body of Christ to identify, assist, and support ministries within the Body thereby allowing those ministries to effectively accomplish their desired results.

  In other words Helps is directed toward a person while Service is directed toward a ministry.

  Now imagine someone with the Gift of Helps telling you about a ministry opportunity that was unfulfilling and you ask, “Why?”.  If you don’t understand the language of what the Gift of Helps is you might not be able to ask something as simple as, “Did the leader you were serving under leave and were you leaderless or somehow get disconnected from interacting with your leader?”  In other words, you are helping them connect their spiritual gift of Helps with a previous life experience that was unfulfilling most likely based on not having a leader or being disconnected to the leader which the person with the gift of Helps needs to be effective and fulfilled. 

  If you understand the language used with the gift of Helps you can not only help them interpret a past experience, but what they need to ensure present and future experiences and opportunities are in line with their gift of Helps.  Again, this is just ONE example of understanding the language of a sub-element within the PLACE Profile. 

​How Do I Understand The Language or Each Element and Sub-Element of PLACE?

  Again, because I want these articles to be fairly short I will keep the application fairly short.  To understand the language:

​     1. Become VERY familiar with how each element (i.e. “A” – Abilities Awareness) is used           and how each sub-element (Artistic Ability) is described in the supplemental material           within PLACE.

​     2. Constantly read and re-read the 7 questions that are used in both the Spiritual Gift                and Abilities Assessments.

​     3. Train yourself to listen to certain words people use to describe themselves especially            in describing their Personality.  They will talk through the language or lens of their              PLACE Profile.

​Serving Him Together,

"Do you know that the spiritual gift of helps and the spiritual gift of service are not the same?  Most people in interpreting the PLACE Profile with regard to the spiritual gifts of helps and service do not know the difference between the two."

  In part 1 in this series of articles of Interpreting the PLACE Profile I wrote that I want to teach you in several articles what took me years to be able to intuitively do in interpreting the PLACE Profile.  And I stated because we try and keep these articles short I will need more than one article to complete the goal of interpreting the PLACE Profile holistically.

In this series of articles I want you to have five key takeaways in interpreting the PLACE Profile not just individually but holistically.  The five key takeaways are:

     1. Remove tunnel vision
     2. Understand the language and have a comprehensive knowledge
     3. Intentionally learn to focus on asking yourself as a coach questions
     4. Discard preconceived ideas regarding assessment scores
     5. Practice through art and science

In our first article we looked at the first key is to remove tunnel vision. ​

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"If you don’t understand the language and how each element and sub-element within the Profile are used you will not accurately interpret it."  


Understand the Language

  About 15 years ago the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton along with The Gallup Organization created what is called the StrengthFinder Profile that helps a person identify their talents and build them into their strengths.  In the book Now, Discover Your Strengths they wrote the following:

  “We need a language to help explain the strengths we see in ourselves and others.  This language must be precise; it must be able to describe the subtle ways in which one person differs from another… And it must be common; it must be a language in which we are all fluent so that no matter who we are or where we are from, we all know exactly what is meant which someone says, ‘Marcus embodies Command’ or ‘Don exhibits Achiever.”

  The same understanding of the language of each element (P L A C E) and sub-element (Personality – D I S C or Spiritual Gifts like helps, service, giving, etc.) within the PLACE Profile must be understood to be able to accurately interpret the PLACE Profile and help yourself or someone else apply the concepts. If you don’t understand the language and how each element and sub-element within the Profile are used you will not accurately interpret it.  

Understand The Language