Comprehensive Knowledge

If you read the description of the Artistic Ability (page 24 in the Participant Guide) it is described with the following statement:

     "I prefer
unstructured situations where I can deal with problems through self-       expression in an artistic medium.  I prefer to work alone, or with just a few others.  I have a great need for individualistic expression and I am sensitive and emotional.  I would describe myself as independent, original, unconventional, and expressive."

 As I came to understand and have a practical knowledge of the Artistic Ability I realized there was nothing bad about me and nothing bad about the group of 17 on the team.  The meetings had to be structured (not good for my Artistic Ability) and not very creative (not good for my Artistic Ability) in order to accomplish all that was needed to move our ministry idea from an idea to a reality.

 In conclusion, the ministry we were looking at launching in 2000 became a reality and even today impacts both the community and the church.  And I learned a lot about where I flourish and don’t flourish and where I am competent and not so competent in ministry environments based upon my Artistic Ability.

 If you have a comprehensive knowledge of each element and sub-element of PLACE you can not only help others interpret a past experience like mine, but what they need to ensure present and future experiences and opportunities are in line with how God has created them.  Again, this is just ONE example of having a comprehensive knowledge of a sub-element within the PLACE Profile.

How Do I Gain The Comprehensive Knowledge of Each Element and Sub-Element of PLACE?

 Again, because I want these articles to be fairly short I will keep the application fairly short.  To have a comprehensive knowledge:

1. Become VERY familiar with how each element (i.e. “A” – Abilities Awareness) is used and how each sub-element (Artistic Ability) is described in the supplemental material within PLACE.

2. Constantly read and re-read the 7 questions that are used in both the Spiritual Gift and Abilities Assessments.

3. Train yourself to listen to certain words people use to describe themselves especially in describing their Personality.  They will talk through the language or lens of their PLACE Profile.


Serving Him Together,


Comprehensive Knowledge
If you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of each element (P L A C E) and sub-element (Abilities – Artistic Ability) and how PLACE describes each element and sub-element it will be difficult to fully interpret the PLACE Profile not only holistically but accurately and most importantly to help the person being coached to understand himself/herself in a way that will be most beneficial to them.

 In part two of this series subtitled Understanding the Language I wrote about the importance of understanding each element of P L A C E and each sub-element of PLACE.  I used the example of the spiritual gift of Helps and the spiritual gift of Service to explain the need to understand the language.  This article is somewhat like my last article but in this article I chose the phrase “Comprehensive Knowledge” and another element (Abilities) and sub-element (Artistic Ability) to stress the need to understand how to accurately interpret the PLACE Profile. 

Here Is An Example

 Many years ago (2000) and shortly after launching PLACE in 1998 I served on a ministry team at my church that consisted on 17 individuals.  I say “shortly after launching PLACE” because while I had researched and put together the elements of PLACE I didn’t fully grasp how each element practically worked out in real life and ministry.  The ministry team of 17 meet regularly, sometimes twice a week and the meetings were long and to me very unrewarding and honestly boring.  I was given my responsibility on the team and yes I found my area to research and present in our meetings exciting and engaging.  And you might be saying, “How arrogant of Jay.”  Well I might have felt the same way until I came to fully understand how God has made me in my Artistic Ability. 

"Well I might have felt the same way until I came to fully understand how God has made me in my Artistic Ability." 

“Why have I so disliked serving on this ministry team for the past six months?”  In the early days of PLACE before I had a comprehensive knowledge of the tool I created the previous sentence was a question I asked myself each time I went to a team meeting for a new endeavor my church was launching.  Have you ever wondered why you like or disliked serving on a particular ministry team?   

  In part 1 in this series of articles of Interpreting the PLACE Profile I wrote that I want to teach you in several articles what took me years to be able to intuitively do in interpreting the PLACE Profile.  And I stated because we try and keep these articles short I will need more than one article to complete the goal of interpreting the PLACE Profile holistically.

In this series of articles I want you to have five key takeaways in interpreting the PLACE Profile not just individually but holistically.  The five key takeaways are:

     1. Remove tunnel vision
     2. Understand the language and have a comprehensive knowledge
     3. Intentionally learn to focus on asking yourself as a coach questions
     4. Discard preconceived ideas regarding assessment scores
     5. Practice through art and science

In our first article we looked at the first key is to Remove Tunnel Vision. ​