WHILE PLACE MINISTRIES provides ample training resources for connection coaches that your church can train we believe there are five simple keys to coaching a person through the PLACE assessment. The five keys are:

1. Asking Questions

2. Ability to Listen

3. Writing – Taking Notes

4. Loyalty to your pastor, staff and church

5. Able to keep confidential what is said in confidence

The PLACE resources listed below go into greater depth and detail about how to execute the five keys needed to be an effective PLACE Connection Coach. If you and your team have the desire to implement this step and be an effective PLACE Connection Coach(es) we have the training and resources to make this desire happen!

How Does My Church Implement Coaching INTO THE JOURNEY?

THE NEXT step/stop in the PLACE process/journey is called coaching. We can’t express enough the importance of this step/stop as it relates to your members. The coaching session is where an individual who has completed the PLACE assessments meets with a trained Connection Coach to understand and apply the results of their PLACE assessments. Coaching is an opportunity to validate and empower individuals to move in a direction of ministry where they will serve others by using their personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and life experiences.

Church Resources: