Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker has a passion to see people living authentically. For nine years she coordinated the PLACE Ministry at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee where 4,000 plus people completed the PLACE Class. Lisa has taught PLACE classes, led PLACE workshops and coached well over 1,000 individuals in PLACE Connection Sessions.

Brentwood Baptist Church has embraced a phrase that captures Senior Pastor Mike Glenn’s heart, “Say yes to your big yes”. Simply put, living from one’s “yes” is living from one’s true, God created self. Many times church staff members, from other churches, have asked Lisa if she would send them a list of Spiritual Gifts and the ministries to which Brentwood sends the participants upon completion of the PLACE Class. Each time she replied,

“I cannot. You see, I do not tell participants where to serve, but rather, they tell me at some point during the coaching session. Together we discover identity threads that run through the person’s personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and life experiences. It is about the individual’s response to God and often it happens in the coaching session.”

Lisa has witnessed many of the participants initially going through the PLACE Class and Connection Session because Brentwood requires the PLACE process for church membership; however, she and the other coaches have found that in the process, more people than not are seeking to live more genuine lives, loving God and others as themselves.

During her coaching sessions, Lisa saw a need for people to have safe places to talk. Currently, she spends most of her one on one time with those who are at a crossroads or going deeper spiritually in their experiences.
John Rushing

Holding a deep conviction that spiritual growth and ministry never ends in the lives of people, John is committed to an adult church ministry environment in which men and women experience the ongoing power of life change through Christ. John is the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Sugarcreek Baptist Church in Sugarland, TX. Authentic, Christ-honoring relationships with Jesus and with others demonstrate the abundant, full life Jesus talked about in John 10:10. John is also passionate in the concept that as we model authentic Christianity to those coming after us, we're still becoming fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ today!

John and his wife, Wanda, have two children, Amanda and Michael.
Malcolm Marshall
Minister of Assimilation
Houston's First Baptist Church
Houston, TX

Houston's First Baptist Church has the distinction of being one of PLACE Ministries' first partners. During one particularly rough season of ministry, the church underwent some staff changes & endured several years of diminishing member involvement. Since then, Malcolm has re-introduced the PLACE process to assist in creating an environment where people can gather their hearts, grow their souls & give their lives away with maximum fulfillment and minimum obstacles. As Minister of Assimilation, Malcolm helps new & prospective members develop a sense of belonging, while simultaneously helping current members maintain that sense of belonging.

Malcolm loves missions & traveling abroad. He's been afforded the opportunity to take the message of the cross to places like South Africa, Belize, France, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Rio De Janeiro & Ireland. In addition, he serves as the lead chaplain for the NBA's Houston Rockets. He also ministers via hip-hop as nationally known recording artist Excelsius.

Malcolm is happily married to the bride of his youth, Stacey. They are the proud parents of one son and two daughters.
Todd Bishop

Todd Bishop lives in Franklin, Tennessee. Todd is married to the love of his life, Dawn and enjoys keeping up with his teenage daughter and soon to be teenage son. Todd has served as youth pastor, family minister and in the last few years moved into an Associate Pastor role at his church. Todd has 18 years of ministry experience and in his new role, has helped launch PLACE at Woodmont Baptist Church. During a two year re-visioning process at at Woodmont, PLACE ministry was discovered. Todd has taught PLACE to both youth and adults. He enjoys helping people connect the dots of their life so they can serve and live out their passions for Christ in the local church. Todd has a Masters of Divinity in Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky and a BS in Business Administration/Marketing for Tennessee Technological University.
Dawn Bishop

Dawn Bishop lives in Franklin Tennessee. She is primarily a stay at home wife to Todd, and mother to two wonderful children, Meredith and Riley. Dawn strives to live a life that is purposely frugal and content. PLACE has allowed her to find her “sweet spot” in ministry. Dawn is a PLACE coach at Woodmont Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee and is trained to also teach the PLACE workshops. She helped begin the PLACE program at Woodmont and enjoys helping others find their PLACE in Kingdom work. Dawn holds the Masters of Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky
Kraig Kelsey
Pastor of Member Involvement
Alpharetta First Baptist Church Alpharetta, GA

Kraig was the Executive Director of PLACE Ministries from December of 2000 until July of 2012. He continues to play an active role in the ministry as well as oversees the assimilation process at Alpharetta First Baptist Church. He has facilitated hundreds of PLACE workshops and has personally coached over 600 people one-on- one, helping them find their PLACE in life and ministry. Kraig thoroughly enjoys facilitating PLACE Workshops but will never give up the opportunities to coach individuals. He states, “It’s what keeps me connected to the effectiveness of the process, plus it is very rewarding seeing changed lives”.

At Alpharetta First Baptist Kraig has taken almost half of the active membership through the PLACE process. It has resulted in over half of the church being involved in some kind of ministry service. He continues the charge to change the trending paradigm at AFBC of “pastors serve, that’s what we pay them to do” to “every member a minister willing to give their lives away”.
Jamie Parler
Small Groups Pastor/ Pastoral Counselor
North Side Baptist Church Greenwood, SC

Jamie has been associated with PLACE for 10 years in various full and part time roles. PLACE was the tool that God used to confirm his call into ministry. "When I went through the PLACE process in August of 2003 the light bulb clicked on for me. In a 45 minute breakout session God showed me that the desires of my heart were a manifestation of the gifts and passions that he put in me to help others. I've spent the last 10 years helping as many people as I can to see that God has done the same for them."

Jamie has taken a large number of the members of North Side through the PLACE process. "We've trained leaders, conducted large group workshops, and have used PLACE in marriage counseling, but the most rewarding for me is that I've had the opportunity to sit down with many of our members in a one on one coaching session. It amazes me to see what God is doing in the lives of the individuals of our church to meet ministry needs both inside and outside the walls of North Side. I don't believe that a person is just member number so and so here at our church. I believe that each member is uniquely gifted by God and has a PLACE. It's my desire to help them understand how and where God wants to use them to serve Him.
Jay McSwain
President and Founder-PLACE Ministries
Alpharetta, GA

Jay not only has the title of President and Founder associated with PLACE Ministries, but also completed the coaching sessions in 1999 with the first group who completed the PLACE workshop with Jay at Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany, OK. Jay has coached individuals using the PLACE Profile with every type of individual you can imagine. He has coached Presidents and business owners in multi-billion dollar companies along with professional athletes to ministers in every conceivable type of church both in America and overseas to individuals struggling with a reason to continue life who need hope and direction for a future that God intended for them.

Jay has taught the principles of PLACE over 1100 times and is asked often, “How do you continue to teach the same material year after year after year?” His reply is simple, “Because I get the privilege to sit down one-on-one in coaching sessions and hear what God has done, is doing and desires to do in and through the lives of people who give me the honor to hear their story through the lens of the PLACE profile in a coaching session.”