This small and intimate gathering makes the learning much more interactive with me as the Facilitator, but also with the small group that gathers with the same desire to learn how to implement PLACE into the DNA of their church or organization. 

 Sadly, we have more churches that use our resources that never attend any of our trainings or utilize any of our training resources (many free) that are regularly updated to share what WE are learning at PLACE Ministries.  While many of our resources and workshop experiences have stayed the same over the years my insights in how to incorporate them in churches and organizations is continually evolving and changing.  

 Recently, I was teaching a PLACE Workshop Experience to a group of churches in Texas and a discipleship pastor said, “You are still learning how all your resources connect and fit into the structure of a church, aren’t you?”  My answer, “ABSOLUTELY!” 

​I do not like to use the words “conference” or “seminar” in describing our trainings because honestly I am not a big proponent of learning new concepts and ideas in a conference or seminar (just me not everyone), but I love being in a setting with a small group of people where we do have someone who is somewhat an “expert”, but there is dialogue and interaction, not just lecture. 

 If we have the demand and need to do our PLACE Workshop Experiences once a month or twice a month because there is a demand then we will, because we want you to yes experience PLACE in an intimate and powerful way yourself as you consider using our resources and tools to help God’s people discover how God uniquely created them so they can be and do what God created them for in life and ministry. 

Why limit the experience to 20 or less? This is my 20th year since the beginning of PLACE and 18th year since teaching PLACE to over a thousand different groups ranging from 1 person to over 1500 people at one time.  While there is a certain dynamic and an energy in teaching PLACE to large groups, I have found that when it comes to new churches and organizations considering PLACE the most conducive environment to be introduced to the PLACE process is in a small group.