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 How can a church incorporate spiritual gifts into its DNA?  As a church leader or director, you’ll understand how to implement an intentional strategy that connects your volunteers to the right ministries.  You’ll also gain a solid understanding of the 5 assessments for effective ministry PLACEment.

            Personality Discovery

            Learning Spiritual Gifts

            Ability Awareness

            Connecting Passion to Ministry

            Experiences of Life

Workshop Experience Format:

The workshop consists of 3 major components and will provide you with a detailed plan to implement an intentional strategy for volunteer ministry placement in your church.

Personal Discovery -
During the workshop you will complete the 5 PLACE assessments.  You will be taught the Biblical principles behind the assessments along with an understanding of how the five assessments work to complement each other in how God has uniquely created you. The Biblical teaching behind the PLACE assessments as to how the assessments are blended into your life experiences is what makes the PLACE assessments unique from many assessments you may have taken in the past and said, “Okay what’s next?”

Connection Coaches –
As blood pumps life into the human body we believe coaching is what pumps life into PLACE process.  You will be given the opportunity to watch and then evaluate a coaching session conducted with one of the workshop attendees.  You will be given the five keys to conducting your own coaching session along with training others within your church or organization to coach others through the PLACE process.  Finally, you will be introduced to proven resources that you can incorporate into your ministry to coach others and even train to become PLACE Connection Coaches. 

Ministry PLACEment –
Each church or organization has a unique objective for utilizing PLACE.  The goal in our workshops is to help YOU discover YOUR purpose and how PLACE and the resources we provide can be best utilized in your setting for YOUR purpose.  You will learn the options that are available in implementing your strategy to connect your people to meaningful ministry.  You will learn about the PLACE resources that can be used to train and equip you and your team to successfully implement your ministry PLACEment purpose.

Day 1 Workshop Schedule

Conference check-in networking

Workshop begins: Personality Discovery Assessment and Facilitator Elements


Learning Spiritual Gifts Assessment and Facilitator Elements


Ability Awareness Assessment and Facilitator Elements


Connecting Passion with Ministry Assessment and Facilitator Elements

Experience of Life Assessment and Facilitator Elements


Day 2 Workshop Schedule

Connection Coach Training

Live Connection Session


Connection Coach Training

Implementation Option Introduction


Implementation Training


Implementation Team Training




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What's Included:

​     $60 worth of PLACE resources, along with lunch and refreshments.

​     Note: Chick-fil-A and Subway cater lunch in most cities.

​     Quantity/Special Group Discounts: for 3 or more people, or if you're a

     church planter.

Who Should Attend:

Senior Pastors, Christian Education Directors, Assimilation Pastors, Youth Pastors, Discipleship Pastors, Small Group Leaders, Key Lay Leaders