Julie was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in French. Hired in 2006 as the Assistant Athletic Director at private school in Nashville, Julie returned home after graduating from SMU.  She spent five years teaching Physical Education, coaching volleyball and basketball, and fulfilling counseling roles as a social skills coach.

During her time as a teacher, Julie decided to return to school to pursue her interest in Counseling. In 2010, she completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. Being exposed to a variety of avenues to understand personality over the years, Julie always loved learning about herself and others. She played several different sports and, through being part of many athletic team dynamics, she observed how much psychology played a role in team function. As both a player and a coach, she was exposed to the impact of effective communications, leadership, and motivation in accomplishing goals. She saw how knowledge gained from tools like assessments and discussions can transform relationships. So, in 2011, Julie began to dedicate her career to this pursuit. Julie has taught PLACE to students both on an individual coaching level along with groups she has taken through PLACE.

Kraig served for 10 years as a youth minister in Northwest Arkansas where he had one of the most dynamic youth ministries in America. After leaving Arkansas he served as Director of Operations at ReCreation Adventure, an outreach ministry in Oklahoma City, then served over 10 years as the Executive Director for PLACE Ministries. Kraig presented PLACE at many student events all over the country while serving at PLACE Ministries and continues to teach PLACE to both adults and students at Alpharetta First Baptist Church where he is the Pastor of Member Involvement. Kraig says,"I led from passion and thru people's giftedness to accomplish the Lord's work. I wholeheartedly believe, you find your life as you give it away. Matthew 16:25. Kraig and his wife have 3 sons, Koby, Klay and Kyler. Their family is dedicated to serving Christ and others! They enjoy entertaining, walking, soccer, and fellowship with friends.

Since PLACE Ministries started in 1998 we have always advertised and promoted adult workshops in conferences and churches where we would come to present PLACE. While we have presented Student's PLACE in many places (no pun intended) we have never advertised and promoted it until NOW. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says it best as to why now start promoting Student's PLACE after 16 years. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

After watching and talking with so many young adults who are clueless about what they desire to do vocationally much less in meaningful ministry, we decided the time was now for becoming more proactive in promoting Student's PLACE. 

We are adding another element to encourage student leaders to utilize Student's PLACE with your students. We have partnered with two dynamic communicators (Kraig Kelsey and Julie Champion) to recommend to you for making the PLACE assessments and teaching principles of PLACE come alive for your students. It takes a unique ability to relate to a student on any subject (as each of you reading this know), but to make the five elements of PLACE come together where each element is understood individually and then all five elements collectively combined are understood is another matter. Kraig and Julie both have the ability to connect with students. After going through the teaching with Kraig and Julie your students will be able to personalize on an individual level how to apply PLACE to their lives whether it involves direction with a career, ministry opportunities or relationships both now and in the future.

To learn more about bringing Kraig or Julie to your group for a Disciple Now, retreat, camp or however you would like to incorporate them into presenting PLACE, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to help arrange Kraig or Julie to come and present PLACE to your students.

PLACE Ministries Would Like to Help You Solve Your "BUT I Don't..." Challenges

  • I don't have time to learn how to teach the principles that go along with the assessments.
  • I don't like using DVD presentations in my student ministry.
  • I don't have anyone that could make the teaching principles come alive to help my students fully understand how to incorporate PLACE into their daily lives.