From your results, PLACE Ministries will compile a 5-7 page CUSTOMIZED and INDIVIDUAL report. Your customized report can serve as a:

• Blueprint on how to raise your ministry effectiveness.

• Reminder of how to leverage your strengths.

• Checklist of how to neutralize your weaknesses.

• Guide on who to surround yourself with to complement your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

The report also includes a one slide PowerPOint that summarizes your strengths and potential weaknesses.

BE ENCOURAGED to be all God created you to be and accomplish all he created you to accomplish! To receive a sample Individual Staff Analysis Report or to schedule PLACE Ministries and Jay McSwain to conduct an Individual Staff Analysis Report please email us at ( or call our toll-free number at 877-463-2863.

BUT... if you are desiring to be ENCOURAGED, through an honest analysis of your Strengths, Growth Areas and Environment where you are both competent and fulfilled, then our staff analysis is for you! To compile your Individual Staff Analysis Report you will complete:

Staff/Leadership Resources: