Volunteer recruitment often comes down to W.A.R. with those who are being recruited.  Over the next couple of weeks I will sit down one-on-one with about a dozen individuals from my church who recently completed five weeks of the PLACE experience.  I will determine with them whether they are ready to serve through our church based on their own personal W.A.R.

If you want to ensure certain failure in launching a new ministry like PLACE at your
church then give it lots of attention and visibility for…

This year my church will increase those going through Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry by 700-1000 percent.  Many of 
you reading this article can greatly increase the percentage of those attending PLACE.  But How? 

2018 brought major changes to PLACE Ministries.  The biggest one was enhancing our Personality, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities Assessments for the first time in almost 20 years.  2019 will bring more changes to PLACE Ministries.

How many times have I heard in my almost 19 years since starting PLACE Ministries comments like, "We used to do PLACE,"

or "We tried PLACE and it didn't work

for us."  Why? 

“You shouldn’t always be quoting chapter and verse from the Bible to our friend who questions if God is even real.  You are turning him off to Jesus.”...

In 1998 when I started PLACE and was implementing plans for PLACE I was serving as Pastor of Ministry Development on a church staff....

Today we conclude our look at the I personality and how they  interact with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

Today we conclude our look at the C personality and how they interact with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

Last week two student interns (Jonathan and Morgan) at my church interviewed me about the subject of leadership.  One of their questions to me was, “What do you find most rewarding about leading others?”

I want to thank-you for your desire to learn more about PLACE and how it can help you accomplish your purpose in even considering it.  Also, I want to thank-you for taking the time to read this note and hopefully watch these short videos provided back-to-back-to-back.  Why?

What do many athletes and churches have in common? On the surface, maybe not much, however, I have concluded that often both have followed a similar course for short-term results with little regard for long-term consequences. Often both have replaced hard work with shortcuts to improve immediate performance.

Thom Rainer in his 2006 bestselling book, Simple Church stated on page 121 that “For people to take your ministry process seriously it has to be measured… The cliché is true:  what gets evaluated, gets done.”

Today we look at the I personality and how the I Personality interacts with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”  This verse is so relevant as to why PLACE often is unsuccessful in churches.

Our final look will be with the C personality.  Today and tomorrow will be about the C and how they interact with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

Today we begin a series of looking at how the different Personalities interact with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis. Today we begin with the D Personality.

Several years ago I was invited to spend the day with a church staff whose church was rapidly declining in attendance and by all measures would not be considered healthy.  I shouldn’t have been shocked when I discovered what I did in my day with them, but I was shocked.

Today, Jay wants to give you some of his thoughts as a D Personality; on how he has interacted as a spiker D personality with family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and strangers through the last few weeks.

We continue our series today by looking at the various ways D personalities interact with others they are quarantined with during the Covid crisis.

I believe the resource, Interpreting the PLACE Profile we are launching with you today may
have the greatest impact upon the lives of those going through PLACE since we launched the PLACE assessments in the late 90’s.

Today we conclude our look at the S personality and how they interact with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

When you basically do the same thing for twenty years you can either get bored with what you do or you can marvel at the new insights that continue to come your way if you look for them.

Today we begin looking at the S personality and how the S interacts with others they are quarantined with during the Corona Virus crisis.

I received a call in the late summer from a church asking, “What are other churches doing to recognize new members?”  I laughed and said, “Not much”.  But, I couldn’t get the question off my mind...

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:” At PLACE Ministries we decided after 20 years it was time for a change.

Today, Jay wants to conclude the 10 days of how DISC personalities experience quarantine with hope and encouragement. And yes Jay will word it from a D perspective but, Jay's hope will be from God’s perspective.

A couple of months ago a friend and ministry partner whose church has been using PLACE for over 15 years sent me an online video between two well known Christian leaders stating that there “is no such gift” as evangelism. 

We promised that we would share our first video acknowledgment of new members. Click Below to watch Sr. Pastor Jeff Jackson and myself introduce "God's Gifts" ...

Using Technology To Get The Same Ineffective Outcomes

In 2013 I wrote an article entitled “The USELESSNESS of Spiritual Gift Assessments.” (Read Article) By far it has been the most commented-on article I have written as I finish my 17th year with PLACE Ministries...

Jay McSwain, the creator of one of the most widely used spiritual gift assessments in the United States is using the word “uselessness” in describing spiritual gift assessments? Let me explain...

Houston’s First Baptist Church asked their congregation a question last year regarding spiritual gifts that I believe directly relates to the effectiveness of PLACE within their congregation. Before I give the question and the congregation’s response...

Several years ago at Christmas time, I gave my wife a Christmas “wish list,” assuming I would get most of the gadget toys on my list. Christmas morning came and I began to tear into all my gifts. As I opened several boxes, to my surprise and disappointment, none of my gadgets ere in the packages...

Technically this is a marketing piece, but I don’t want you to see it this way. Yes, in order for my ministry to operate I need to sell resources, and in order to sell, I have to market my material to current and potential customers like you. However, that is not the real heart of this letter...

Does my personality assessment indicate I might have a propensity for depression?" A college student in a university where I recently spent two days teaching students about the PLACE profile asked the previous question...

If you are involved in recruiting people to serve within your church or organization you have most likely heard far too many times, "I want to serve but...". I would love to see a book written on all the reasons why people want to serve...

In the Bible, I Corinthians 12 relates spiritual gifts to the human body. There are many spiritual insights to learn from I Corinthians 12 as it relates to the human body and how we need each part of the body for different functions.