Serving Him Together,



Founder & President of PLACE Ministries

In 2013 I wrote an article entitled “The USELESSNESS of Spiritual Gift Assessments.” (Read Article) By far it has been the most commented-on article I have written as I finish my 17th year with PLACE Ministries. I completed my last speaking engagement for 2013 in Israel (what a cool experience) where I taught PLACE to about 30 missionaries who are located throughout the Holy Land. I shared my thoughts on spiritual gift assessments with the leaders in Israel and as I have seen all over the United States, the heads nodded up and own affirming my ideas on spiritual gift assessments. I laugh often telling people “I’m not that smart, but I can see when heads go up and down when my ideas are resonating or blank stares when they are not.”


Our team at PLACE Ministries has thought and processed over the past year about how we might be a part of the solution for the often negative outcomes that ONLY taking spiritual gift assessments bring about to believer seeking to discover what God would have them do based on how He created them. We passionately want to be doers and not just hearers (James 1:22) in helping believers do what God prepared them to do (Ephesians 2:10). We have also come to the realization that the majority of those completing our spiritual gift assessments along with the other assessments are not experiencing the coaching we have created as part of the PLACE process. (See PLACE Process) Furthermore, most churches, organizations, and individuals learning about PLACE and considering using PLACE first experience our process through our online PLACE assessments and make up their minds based on the assessments alone. We never know how many decided not to use PLACE based on the assessments alone, but my guess is it is quite high whether those deciding against PLACE are even aware of why they decide to not use PLACE.


Our solution was to create an opportunity to not only take the PLACE online assessments, but also experience a coaching session via phone. PLACE Ministries has partnered with coaches that have been coaching others in their churches through the PLACE process for many years. My desire is for every person considering PLACE or who has been using PLACE without the coaching would decide to use PLACE with one of our Connection Coaches. I know many churches and organizations already are using PLACE Connection Coaches, but far more that utilize PLACE are not using the coaching process. I want to encourage you to take advantage of the Decision Maker’s Preview as a way of experiencing PLACE’s first two phases: Personal Discovery and Coaching so that you can use this process to help your people find their place in life and ministry.


I have a big vision for expanding our original coaches in the ensuing years. My goal is to have hundreds of “certified” coaches across the country (even outside the United States). I am grateful for the team of coaches that are launching the Decision Maker’s Preview with me. I am excited that in the years to come IF a person desires to be coached through the PLACE process we will be able to offer every person the opportunity to experience the power of being coached through PLACE. Thanks for your support through 2013 and I look forward to myself and our team serving you in 2014!