Serving Him Together,

From Barbara Valerioti:

Tomorrow we will look at how C Personalities experience quarantine from the perspective of Jamie Parler.

Thanks for the privilege to serve!

The S Personality will definitely feel the stress of having everyone under one roof, and when conflicts arise, it will be the S who will try to keep everyone happy together. Because this versatile personality can act – for short term – in a leadership role if things get tough, it will help the D leader to lean on the S to put out any additional “fires” that might arise during the quarantine.

The S will gladly accept this role – for the short term, and since their personality type is dependable and often unemotional, they will be successful in the quarantine environment. It will definitely benefit to have some S’s in the group to be able to jump in wherever needed. Because of their balanced and calm demeanor, the S will be able to bring a unifying presence to the group, which under the circumstances will be appreciated.

We continue with Day 6 in how DISC personalities experience being quarantined personally and with those they are being quarantined together with at home?

Each day we are looking at a couple of my team members, Jamie Parler and Barbara Valerioti, who wrote interesting insights to me that I want to share with you. I continue to want to emphasize that we don’t want to trivialize the situation but all of us need a smile or two these days. And with most of us confined to our homes it will be a good time to learn how people think and process through the lens of their personalities.

We are rotating each day between Jamie and Barbara and what they wrote for each DISC personality. On the 9th day, I will write and let you know my thoughts and how I have interacted as a spiker D personality with family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and strangers through the last few weeks. On day 10 I want to give you a few words on hope and encouragement as we go through this experience together.

  • desires security
  • diplomatic
  • easily influenced
  • efficient
  • encourager
  • faithful
  • fearful
  • flexible
  • follows rules
  • free-spirited
  • steady
  • stubborn regarding change
  • submissive
  • sweet
  • team-oriented
  • thoughtful
  • timid
  • unambitious
  • unassertive
  • ​indecisive

  • patient
  • peaceful
  • people-oriented
  • persistent
  • placid
  • lacks confidence
  • practical
  • protective
  • puts down and limits feelings
  • ​good-natured