Serving Him Together,

  • quality-centered
  • reserved
  • revengeful
  • rigid
  • sacrificial
  • self-centered
  • contemplation leads to paralysis
  • self-examining
  • idealistic
  • impatient
  • impossible to please
  • impractical
  • inflexible
  • intolerant
  • introverted
  • intelligent

We continue with Day 7 on how DISC personalities experience being quarantined personally and with those they are being quarantined together with at home.

Each day, we are looking at a couple of my team members: Jamie Parler and Barbara Valerioti; who wrote interesting insights to me that I want to share with you.

I continue to want to emphasize that we don’t want to trivialize the situation but all of us need a smile or two these days. And with most of us confined in our homes, it will be a good time to learn how people think and process through the lens of their personalities. We are rotating each day between Jamie and Barbara and what they wrote for each DISC personality. On the 9th day, I will write and let you know my thoughts; and how I have interacted as a spiker D personality with family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and strangers through the last few weeks. On day 10, I want to give you a few words of hope and encouragement as we go through this experience together.

(Hearing the news of the quarantine) – Well, ok… deep breath, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but we can do this. First things first… Let me get the calendar. I need to try and figure out a few things here… I’m not really sure how to plan. How long do you think the quarantine will last?? Do I need to reschedule things or leave them as they are for now? Boy, this sure throws a kink in the plans. What about summer vacation? I think I’ll call to see what they suggest we do. Do we have enough food? How much should we get at one time? Gotta make sure everything’s covered….

Did someone say social distancing? Are you saying we don’t have to go anywhere?? We can just stay inside and not really interact with anyone else? Not sounding so bad here. This will be the perfect time to do a project around the house. The house is pretty orderly but those baseboards in the bathroom sure need a good scrubbing. I’m going to rearrange the closets and go through and shred all those papers we’ve kept for years for our records. I need to be careful not to isolate too much (or spend a huge amount of time on social media for my mental health’s sake). I need to get out a little and check on my close friends and family. Oh, but that would be not abiding by the shelter in place rules. Maybe in the evening, I can have some for myself either to read or rest or just to “piddle around” with my crafts.

I just need some downtime. I really love my family being near me. I’m glad we can be together. I just hope they don’t get too loud. I hate all this is happening and I hope everyone will be okay. I will look forward to getting back to the routine and back on schedule. I really operate better that way.

  • artistic
  • calculating
  • cheerless
  • competent
  • concise
  • conscientious
  • conservative
  • controlling

From Jamie Parler: