In order to get Your PLACE out to as many people as possible PLACE Ministries will be launching a new email distribution system on June 30th with the first Your PLACE weekday devotion. Our new email distribution will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific types of emails based on what you desire to receive from PLACE Ministries.

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Two years ago a friend of mine begin sending me daily a simple email entitled "Today's Prayer". It generally takes me about a minute to read "Today's Prayer." Since I started receiving it I have asked my friend to add to his email distribution several people I have forwarded "Today's Prayer". His list has vastly expanded just by the people I have asked to be included, not to mention all the others who are asking their friends and relatives to be included.

Last fall God gave me a vision to something like "Today's Prayer", but focused on ministry involvement. Several years ago I heard statements as it relates to marketing, "Repetition over time equals success." People have to hear a message over and over before it ever begins to resonate with them and they believe it, much less act upon the message they are hearing.

So here's part of my solution. Your PLACE is being launched June 30th. Your PLACE will be a weekday video devotional to help church leaders with repetition over time with a message to help motivate and encourage followers of Christ to know how and why God created them and challenge them to do what God created them to do in life and ministry.

I passionately believe Your PLACE can be vital part of lowering "I Want To Serve But..."

If you are involved in recruiting people to serve within your church or organization you have most likely heard far too many times, "I want to serve but...". I would love to see a book written on all the reasons why people want to serve, but don't serve because of this reason or that reason. Over the years I have heard about this problem, but generally it comes with the following:

Serving Him Together,



Founder & President of PLACE Ministries

Messages sent Monthly.

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Messages sent Monthly.

My hope is that when PLACE or ministry involvement is being launched or given heightened awareness through various means (i.e. - sermon series on serving, spiritual gifts, etc.) leaders will promote Your PLACE. Our commitment from PLACE Ministries is when people subscribe ONLY to Your PLACE we will not market with any other type of content unless specifically asked for by those subscribing ONLY to Your PLACE. Below is our first episode of Your PLACE. I hope you enjoy it and will consider not only watching it weekly, but will forward it to others when we launch June 30th.

" We launched PLACE and in the beginning had great success in getting people to attend. But now we struggle to get a few to attend the workshops. What should we do?"