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Also, I thought about how a person who cannot hear might have abilities to use their eyes in extraordinary ways to fulfill their purpose in life. From the human analogy of the body back to the spiritual analogy of the Body of Christ. Some local bodies of Christ might have more of one gift than another because of how God has orchestrated the Body to fulfill His purpose both in that specific Body and outside the church to the community around the church. And maybe even that Body using their gift mix to fulfill God's purpose somewhere across the world.

I know most reading the three reasons above for knowing the spiritual gifts of a local Body of believers will say, "What Jay stated is just common sense." Yes, it is common sense, but sometimes in our hectic, fast-paced and busy world common sense is hard to reflect on and even harder to put into practive. I hope if you do not have an intentional way to discover the spiritual gift mix of your congregation you will consider implementing a way to help each individual within your congregation discovery his/her spiritual gifts  and then collectively be able to help each member incorporate them within your Body and even outside your Body.

2. Secondly, when leadership within a local church knows each individuals specific spiritual gifts the leadership will be better equipped to recruit and place members in ministry roles where they will be more effective and fulfilled and the Body will be best served both within its membership and outside of its membership.

3. Thirdly, by knowing the spiritual gift mix of its members the leadership will be better equipped to know what potential ministries might be started within the church based of the spiritual gift mix of its members. Also, by knowing what new ministries might be started knowing the spiritual gift mix of its members the leadership will be better equipped to know how to place members on a ministry team together to compliment and support each other based on ministry roles.

1. When a local church knows each individual's spiritual gifts it will be better equipped to know who should fulfill what ministry roles to each other and even outside the church Body. For example, you are part of a small group Bible study and you know the Bible study leader is an incredible teacher. You also know the Bible study leader does not have the spiritual gift of mercy, but your know who does have the gift of mercy in your group. You and the group will be much healthier both emotionally, spiritually and possibly even physically if you allow the member who has mercy to fulfill his/her spiritual gift and do not expect the Bible study leader to extend mercy as effectively as the one


As I pondered the spiritual gift percentage breakdown my mind kept coming back to the local Body of Christ and what's most important in knowing spiritual gift mixes. While it is interesting to know the breakdown across many churches, denominations, and demographics as a local Body of Christ it could and should be invaluable to know the spiritual gift mix of a local Body. I am certain there are many reasons a local Body should know their gift mix, but for the sake of this article I will give only three reasons.

While I found the percentage breakdown fascinating I ponder for days the question, "Does the spiritual gift percentage breakdown matter in Kingdom ministry?" As you consider the percentage breakdown remember if spiritual gifts within our spiritual gift assessment were evenly distributed the percentage for each gift would be 6.25% (100% divided by 16 equals 6.25) Honestly, at first I saw no real significance  (may reveal  my lack of analytical skills) with the statistical breakdown. But, the more I thought the more I Corinthians 12 kept coming to my mind and thoughts. I Corinthians 12 is clear that the Body of Christ just like the human body has different parts with different functions, but all are needed. The human body has only 1 nose, but two eyes and two ears along with 10 fingers and 10 toes, but only two hands and two feet. So I came to the conclusion that just as the human body is not evenly divided with body parts most likely God in His infinite wisdom would not believe the spiritual Body of Christ should be evenly divided amount the spiritual gifts.


Recently I had our staff send me a breakdown of the spiritual gifts by number and percentage from a list of over 40,000 individuals who have taken our spiritual gift assessment. The spiritual gift assessment group we pulled from the list of 40,000 plus were taken predominately within the United States.

"But in fact God has arrange the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body."

I Corinthians 12:18-20


In the Bible, I Corinthians 12 relates spiritual gifts to the human body. There are many spiritual insights to learn from I Corinthians 12 as it relates to the human body and how we need each part of the body for different functions.