2018 brought major changes to PLACE Ministries.  The biggest one was enhancing our Personality, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities Assessments for the first time in almost 20 years.  2019 will bring more changes to PLACE Ministries.

Toward the end of last year, we worked on making the PLACE assessments in the Assessment Tool Workbook match the enhanced and revamped PLACE assessments in the PLACE Participant Guide that came out in 2018.

Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful And How To Make Them Successful

 Self Administering, Self Scoring, and Self Assessing
  The Assessment Tool is designed so that an individual can do all the PLACE Assessments without a Facilitator’s instructions, score them and learn what his/her scores actually mean in each PLACE element.  A feature the Assessment Tool offers that the Participant Guide doesn’t is that in conjunction with our Small Group videos a small group leader is given 5-8 questions based on the video teaching and the Assessments to cover with a small group.  The small group discussion is ideal for a person who wants great teaching but isn’t comfortable teaching the concepts and principles, but feels comfortable leading discussion based on the video teaching.

Enhanced Application Either Individually or Within A Group
  Last year Jay McSwain created a college version for PLACE called inME.  After partnering with Moody Bible Institute for many years Jay worked with their leadership to create PLACE inME so that college students at Moody and other colleges around the country could facilitate learning for other college students without having to be experts in subjects like personality and spiritual gifts.  The initial results have been stellar so Jay decided when revamping the Assessment Tool to include the same type of exercises where a person can make practical application in his/her ministry, vocation or career.  These exercises can be done individually or within a small group.  Also, the exercises are written so that video teaching is not needed.  When Jay was training the upperclassmen at Moody to take all the incoming freshmen students at Moody through PLACE inME he told them over and over in their training these words:

 “The material explaining each element in the PLACE inME workbook is the expert and teacher while your role is to facilitate your groups through the discussion statements/questions with each PLACE element.” 

Below is a sample taken from the Personality section and the exercises that go with Submitting Personality To The Fruit of the Spirit.  

Assessment Tool Revised, Updated and Enhanced

Serving Him Together,

Look For More Enhancements In 2019
  As we said at the beginning of this article PLACE Ministries will be upgrading and adding new resources during 2019 to make our resources even more effective in helping you and those you lead to find your PLACE in life and ministry.  We appreciate your support and belief in PLACE over the past 20 years.  We look forward to continuing to serve you and those you lead as we begin our 21st year of ministry.

Before explaining the two BIG changes in the Assessment Tool Workbook let’s first cover the differences between the Assessment Tool Workbook and the Participant Guide Workbook.  We are asked continually about the differences with the two workbooks by those who are new to PLACE Ministries and yes even those who have been using one of the two resources for years do not know the differences.  The Participant Guide is intended to be used where in-depth/deep teaching and understanding of the PLACE principles and concepts is desired before leading people to the Coaching phase of PLACE. For example, the Participant Guide is used by those who want to teach the concepts and principles behind the PLACE Assessments like the 8 principles for discovering your spiritual gifts, how a person can lose his/her passion for ministry, etc.  The PLACE Assessment tool is designed for small groups, individual study/reflection, or larger groups where live facilitation may not be achievable or desired.   However, both the Participant Guide and the Assessment Tool have lots of information explaining each element like DISC personality types or how each personality connects with a specific spiritual gift, etc.

Jay McSwain

Founder & President of PLACE Ministries