Let me sum up what is most rewarding to me about leading others: 

  Last week two student interns (Jonathan and Morgan) at my church interviewed me about the subject of leadership.  One of their questions to me was, “What do you find most rewarding about leading others?”

  Before I answer the question regarding what I find most rewarding about leading others, let me answer the interns' first question to me.  They asked, “What is leadership to you?”  Naturally, I went to my spiritual gift answer that I use with PLACE.  I said, “Leadership is taking a person or a group of people from where they are to where they (and most importantly God) desires for them to be.”

 So, what is most rewarding to me about leading others?  You have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, I guess two pictures are worth two thousand words.  Below are two pictures I took a couple of Sunday’s ago of four people who have gone through the PLACE experience and now are serving at my church.  The first picture is where Paul and Mala are serving at our Journey On Involvement Table for the first time (yay God!) and are signing up several people to attend our next PLACE experience.  The picture below that is of Vivian and Sharon who went through PLACE and are now serving together in our children’s ministry.  And by the way Vivian’s husband, Ricky has not yet gone through PLACE but has been recruited by Vivian to be a good husband and serve alongside (behind) her.

What Do You Find Most Rewarding?

Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful And How To Make Them Successful

Jay McSwain

Founder & President of PLACE Ministries

Serving Him Together,

  While I am not sitting across from you like the student interns who were with me last week let me ask you to think about the following question.    

What is most rewarding to you about leading others?

 Helping others discover how God has created them so they can be and do what God created them for in life and ministry.