Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful

And How To Make Them Successful

  The natural temptation after the courting, dating, engagement, marriage and
honeymoon of implementing PLACE is to strictly communicate it to those new to the
church. Again, lots of visibility and exposure in the beginning to EVERYONE (including
Senior Pastor, staff and key leaders) and then only promoting to those new within the
church. Let me state again when this happens you are doomed to fail in implementing
PLACE into the DNA of your church or organization.

Hey Jay, 

  Hope our having a great day! I wanted to revisit our conversation about PLACE
we had several weeks ago. God has just really been laying this on my heart
partly for myself to better understand how I can serve God through the gifts he
had given me but also for our college students. One question that continues to
come up is the " how do I know Gods plan for me"? I believe to help them best answer that question is to have them go through PLACE. What are your


Jeff by the end of our email we are beginning to plan a retreat this summer to
take the college students through PLACE.  Again, another momentum builder.

  Before I go into the solution to avoid “Now what is PLACE” let’s review a little from last week’s article. There are four steps to successfully implementing a ministry like PLACE or for that matter any ministry. The four steps are:

     1. Determine Your Purpose
     2. Communicate Your Purpose
     3. Execute Your Purpose
     4. Evaluate Your Purpose

And Add “…ing” to Each Step
The key to implementing an intentional process like PLACE is to add “ing” after:
Determine Your Purpose – Determining Your Purpose
Communicate Your Purpose – Communicating Your Purpose
Execute Your Purpose – Executing Your Purpose
Evaluate Your Purpose – Evaluating Your Purpose

  Why add “…ing” to each step? Because in the beginning as I stated earlier PLACE gets
lots of up front attention and barely registers on anyone’s radar except those directly
working with the PLACE team. I want to encourage you if you have our Implementation
Guide to read more about the importance of “…ing” being built into each step. If you
haven’t purchased our Implementation Guide let me encourage you to do so, but as I
have said in previous articles Jay’s Journal is not about selling products, but helping you
implement PLACE so let me get back to helping you.

  I want to end today’s article of two practical examples of how I am Communicating
(again “…ing”) PLACE both to my pastor and our church at large. Regularly, my senior
pastor gets little notes like the following from me.  Below is part of a long correspondence to my senior pastor Jeff from an email from our college leader Travis.

Communicating Your Purpose To Who?

Steps To Implementing PLACE​

Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful And How To Make Them Successful

Thanks for taking the time to let me COMMUNICATE this second step to Implementing

Thanks for the privilege to serve you!
Serving Him Together,

  I send emails like the one above to my senior pastor regularly for two reasons. First, I
want to encourage him that PLACE and our purpose “…to help everyone know and
follow Jesus Christ” (Purpose Statement of First Redeemer) is having impact throughout
our church. Secondly, I want to encourage my pastor who I know at times gets lots of
information that isn’t so positive (ALL senior pastors at times get negative information).

  In closing, the video below is where I regularly Communicate PLACE with our engaged and involved process at my church to help people go from attenders to members to engaged and involved to our ENTIRE church.

  If you want to ensure certain failure in launching a new ministry like PLACE at your
church then give it lots of attention and visibility for six months to a year and then go
onto whatever the next big emphasis is in your church.

  For years churches and organizations have given me the privilege to come to their
church in the launch of PLACE and teach and train their staff (including the senior
pastor in many instances) and key ministry leaders in PLACE. Then for the next several
months PLACE is communicated exceptionally well and given lots of time and attention.
Then (anywhere from 6-12 months) it’s 

“Now what is PLACE? Oh yes, that’s what so and so oversees.”

  Notice the word “what”. PLACE is now referred to as “what” and is associated with a
person and not an intentional way to connect God’s people to meaningful ministry. And
maybe not this drastic but not far from how I have seen it go in place after place (no pun


Founder & President of PLACE Ministries

Practical Examples of Communicating​​