Thom Rainer in his 2006 bestselling book, Simple Church stated on page 121 that“For people to take your ministry process seriously it has to be measured… The cliché is true:  what gets evaluated, gets done.”

  So, what does Evaluation look like for you?  When implementing a ministry like PLACE who do you Evaluate with?  What metrics and outcomes are you Evaluating?  IF you are Evaluating what changes have or are you making to get the outcomes you and most likely your entire church or organization desire?

​  Before I dive into the final article in our four-part series let me give a brief overview of the previous articles.  In them I stated that most ministries like PLACE aren’t successful because there are four steps to implementing a ministry like PLACE in order for it to be successful. 

The four steps are:
     1. Determine Your Purpose
     2. Communicate Your Purpose
     3. Execute Your Purpose
     4. Evaluate Your Purpose

   Again, in previous articles (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I pointed out that most churches and organizations when implementing PLACE skip Steps 1 and 2 and never even get to implementing Step 4 (Evaluate Your Purpose) which we will cover in this article.  Also, I have tried to give practical examples to what I am doing as Pastor of Discipleship at my church, First Redeemer Church to incorporate all four steps.  In this final article in this series I want to give several practical illustrations of this year’s Evaluation of Implementing PLACE at my church.  Please remember your church will have different challenges and different strengths in implementing PLACE as YOU EVALUATE.

 At the beginning of the year I scheduled all of our five-week PLACE experiences (some of you call them workshops or classes) during either our 9:15 am or 10:45 am times when we have both worship and small groups taking place (no pun intended) at our church.  My church is not big on Friday/Saturday events so I wanted to stay with Sunday morning until two things changed my mind.  Many people who we were inviting said they didn’t want to miss the worship service they attended or the small group they were involved with when we offered PLACE.  Those are great reasons and I Evaluated based on the numbers we were desiring to take through PLACE that we needed to offer some more options, which we did.

Practical Example-Communicate Your Purpose

Practical Example-Determine Your Purpose

  I have the privilege to meet almost every week one-on-one with my Senior Pastor (no not every person overseeing PLACE has this privilege).  Almost every week we Evaluate what is working with PLACE and what is not based on our purpose to help people who attend our church go from attenders to members to engaged and involved.  Recently I gave my opinion (and maybe a little too strong my opinion) to my pastor about a missed opportunity in one of our services to promote getting involved through experiencing PLACE and most importantly serving.  My pastor not only agreed with my Evaluation, but came into our Executive Staff Meeting the following week and pointed out how we must stay focused and not miss opportunities to help our people get engaged and involved.

Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful

And How To Make Them Successful

Practical Example-Execute in What Settings​


Founder & President of PLACE Ministries

In Evaluating who has gone through PLACE this year and looking at who has joined I realized the largest groups joining our church are under 40 years of age, yet most attending PLACE have been 40 and up.  So, after this Evaluation I am currently in the process of doing several things to Communicate PLACE to various younger adults within our church.  Here are a few:

  • Recruiting younger adults to be a part of promoting PLACE at our PLACE Involvement table set up outside our worship services
  • Recruiting younger adults who have attended PLACE to give testimonies in small groups with those under 40
  • Targeting younger adults to invite 2-3 friends to attend retreats where PLACE will be taught in a much more discussion based setting than we currently do with older adults

  I wish I could give many more practical examples of how we are Evaluating PLACE at my church, but my goal is to keep these articles fairly short.

In closing, as I completed these four articles it dawned on me how much we are doing at my church that practically fleshes out the Steps to Implementing PLACE in a practical and I believe impactful way.  Then I thought why not consider creating a new type of workshop training where we invited churches (yes even those who have been using PLACE for MANY years) to practically walk through these four steps and walk away with a plan to go back and implement them.

 If you would be interested in a workshop where we specifically focused on implementing the four steps and you could walk away with practical steps to fleshing out what this meant for your church please email me and say something as simple as:

 I am interested in more information about a workshop on “Implementing My PLACEment Purpose”.

As always thanks for the privilege to serve you and your churches and organizations.

​Serving Him Together,

Why Ministries Like PLACE Aren't Successful And How To Make Them Successful