To receive a sample Staff Ministry Evaluation Report or to schedule Jay to conduct a Ministry Evaluation please email us ( or call our toll-free number at 877-463-2863.

While the evaluations can be completed and interpreted by you, Jay McSwain has worked with churches in providing them a 25-30 page report offering his insights and suggestions. If a ministry leader is looking for a 360 degree tool to raise his/her ministry effectiveness then the Ministry evaluations coupled with Jay’s insights and suggestions are invaluable.

• feel about serving?

• would rate the quality of their ministry involvement?

• evaluate the effectiveness of being equipped for ministry?

• believe they are being encouraged in their ministry?

• would describe their sense of empowerment or lack of within your ministry?

How would your ministry leaders/volunteers score your process of connecting God’s people to meaningful ministry?

The book, Simple Church states, “For people to take your ministry process seriously, it has to be measured. The cliche is true: what gets evaluated, gets done.” (p. 106) Now the tool (mobilyzr evaluations) to evaluate your process in connecting people to meaningful ministry.

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