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 Also, check out The PLACE Implementation Guide. ​

“Do you have a ministry guide created so people will know where there are existing opportunities and jobs to currently serve in?”  The pastor responded, “No!  Why don’t you consider creating a template that will help churches like ours have an idea and sample for doing a ministry guide?”  So, Jay spent the next couple of months working on a sample Ministry Guide with over 250 ministries and jobs provided in the sample template.  And while this resource has been around for quite a while it is a little-known jewel that can help any church trying to get their people involved in ministry.

The PLACE Implementation Guide will give you all the effective steps to discovering and implementing YOUR PLACEment purpose. This guide provides the “nuts and bolts” or the details involved in implementing an intentional process to connects God’s people to meaningful life.

Step One – Determine YOUR Purpose
Step Two – Communicate YOUR Purpose
Step Three – Execute YOUR Purpose
Step Four – Evaluate YOUR Purpose

The principles in the PLACE Implementation Guide will allow you to uncover the countless perils within your church or organization who may never be discovered without an intentional process like PLACE.

The Ministry Guide Template offers a template for over 250 church ministry profiles. Each profile contains: 
• A job description 
• Requirements 
• Responsibilities
• Contact information
• Other details related to specific staff and volunteer ministries typically found in traditional and/or contemporary churches.

The CD is customizable so you can create your own Ministry Guide to match specific positions in your church!

 You can also use the information to start building your own online guide in the mobilyzr: moving members into ministry account for your church.  Below is a sample from the mobilyzr database at Jay McSwain’s church for the children’s ministry

Many years ago a pastor called Jay McSwain and told him, “I'm thrilled with the people going through PLACE at our church who want to start new ministries, but how do I get people engaged in serving in the many ministry jobs we already have and need people to serve in?”  Jay responded…