The PLACE for Small Groups video is offered in a format where the video teaching is done in under 30 minutes per session (i.e. – L – Learning Spiritual Gifts is under 27 minutes of video).  Also, we have provided 5-8 questions per session that are taken mostly from the video that a small group leader could lead in discussion without having to be prepared to teach as the teaching comes from the video.

And while 27 minutes of video is not extremely lengthy this can be lengthy to watch on video so we have taken each question and put the timings from the video so that a discussion leader can consider showing the video for 8-10 minutes and then stop the video to discuss a couple of questions associated with that 8-10 minutes of video.

 The PLACE for Small Groups video is a great resource to use with our Assessment Tool Booklet (all five PLACE assessments are provided along with supplemental material explaining each element) or with the PLACE Online Assessments.

Below is a question taken from the small group video teaching from Session 1 (Personality Discovery) with the video from where the question is taken from in the video:

   1        4:45-7:03
After Jay acted out who he is not and spoke about not liking               his personality, could you relate? Discuss why and how you                                     did or did not relate to what Jay said after he acted out who                                     he wanted to be.

You love the PLACE assessments, but you don’t have someone to facilitate/teach the principles nor a time that is convenient to take a group through PLACE. Consider using the PLACE for Small Groups DVD series with discussion questions provided with the video teaching.

  To receive the discussion questions along with where they appear in each session for all five PLACE sessions click on the button below for a downloadable document.