PLACE for Small Groups!  You love the PLACE assessments, but you don’t have someone to facilitate/teach the principles or a time that is convenient to take a group through PLACE. Consider using the PLACE for Small Groups DVD series with discussion questions provided with the video teaching.

Many years ago a pastor called Jay McSwain and told him, “I thrilled with the people going through PLACE at our church who want to start new ministries, but how do I get people engaged in serving in the many ministry jobs we already have and need people to serve in?”  Jay responded…

Identifying volunteers to serve can be very emotionally draining, but the great news is that PLACE Ministries can help!

August 15-16

Finding the right volunteers can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Imagine a process where finding the right volunteers is magnified and not such a difficult task as finding a needle in a haystack.

Sept 19-20

Two Great Training Opportunities From PLACE Ministries. Which One Is Best For Me?  How you ever thought what is the most valuable resource you have in your life? What is a resource that is limited and cannot be reproduced? If you want to know what you value, look at your…

Do you know the spiritual gifts of the people God has brought into your congregation? Discover and deploy the spiritual gifts of your church's members in Kingdom ministry.

Is your process for finding ministry volunteers broken? As a church leader or director through the PLACE process, you’ll understand how to create a healthy process and keep it from being broken in the first place.

How can a church incorporate spiritual gifts into its DNA?  As a church leader or director, you have to understand how to implement an intentional strategy that connects your volunteers to the right ministries.

October 10-11

PLACE Webinars

JUNE 6-7

We would love to talk with you and learn more about your interest and if desired provide you with the webinar recording and Q&A.  Give us a call today at 1-877-463-2863!

Learn from Leaders using PLACE in Churches 30 to 6000+

- Featuring Brentwood Baptist, Centerville FBC, Davenport First Nazarene, FBC Alpharetta 

Topics include but not limited to:

- PLACE Required For Membership

- Staffing Ministries Through PLACE

- How PLACE Impacts Lay Involvement

- The importance of Buy-in and support in long-term success.

Interpreting the PLACE Profile Holistically

- points for more effective coaching

- learn how elements temper or conflict

- a great start in looking at the PLACE profile

PLACE Promotions and Events