To receive a sample Staff Dynamics Analysis Report or to schedule Jay to conduct a Staff Dynamics Analysis Report please email us ( or call our toll-free number at 877-463-2863.

While the charts and graphs below may not reveal much to you, Jay will compile your staff’s PLACE assessment results and present a detailed report with his insights along with suggestions to help your staff and leaders more effectively lead both individually and collectively. The report can be presented onsite by Jay if desired.

We have helped churches and organizations not only answer these questions, BUT learn how to leverage their strengths collectively and minimize their collective weaknesses to accomplish greater impact in Kingdom ministry.

How Does PLACE Ministries answer these and many more questions? By allowing your staff to know WHO they are and HOW they work individually and collectively. Jay McSwain through his 20+ years of expertise, knowledge and understanding of the PLACE profile takes each individual leader’s PLACE profile and combines them to determine both strengths and liabilities collectively as a group.

Could a few adjustments within your staff dynamics create incredible opportunities to reach a higher level of impact?

Is Your Church or Organization ignoring potential threats caused by the people mix within your staff dynamics?

Is Your Church or Organization leveraging your collective strengths in accomplishing your goals?

Is Your Church or Organization struggling to grow numerically because of the wrong spiritual gift mix?

Is Your Church or Organization struggling to grow because of the wrong personality mix?

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