If you utilize The PLACEment Analysis Report you will not be saying two years after hiring a staff member, “If I had only known …”.

Don’t spend untold financial resources and time to only regret your hiring decision. Allow us to save you untold resources in time and money.

To receive a sample PLACEment Analysis Report or to schedule Jay to conduct a PLACEment Analysis Report please email us (info@placeministries.org) or call our toll-free number at 877-463-2863.

The 5-7 page PLACEment Analysis Report given to the employer does not tell the employer whether to hire the person, but gives both strengths and liabilities of the candidate.

The report also includes a one slide PowerPoint that summarizes the Pros and Cons for the potential staff member.

How many times has the statement above been true in the hiring process?

Jay McSwain with PLACE Ministries has been helping churches since 2001 with staff hiring both within churches and organizations.

To Help You Know WHO you are hiring Jay uses what he calls The PLACEment Analysis Report.

To compile the PLACEment Analysis Report Jay uses



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