This section will deal mainly with PLACE Ministries consulting services. However, we have seen countless times where churches and organizations have taken the basic resources that we have created and used them to come to their own conclusions. We are grateful for the opportunity to personally come alongside you with our evaluations and analysis or to have you use our resources for your own evaluations and analysis

Tired of organizations promising “customized results” and all you receive is a “computer generated printout”? We have designed our staff/leadership services to give more than just a “computer generated printout”. We have taken our years of experience with our assessments and evaluations to create truly customized and individual reports for each and every group we work with throughout the country.

8. Leading and working with staff is a spiritual experience. Many equipping trends today are following principles of corporate America at the expense of the spiritual.

7. Many leaders hire people like themselves. Lack of diversity in your staff leads to a lack of staff balance and potential conflict within your congregation as you lead.

6. Your team is a collection of many different gifts, personalities, passions, and abilities and life experiences. Understanding how they work together will strengthen your team.

5. Leadership development is different for every person. Develop them the way God designed them. Do you know how God designed your team?

4. Staff members are passionate people. There is a dramatic difference in a staff member that is ignited by their passion versus a person that is drained from their passion. Will you take the time to understand what makes your people tick?

3. Personality conflicts are to be expected. You have a choice: invest time upfront to know how to identify and work with personalities or spend your time dealing with the fallout.

2. Each team member naturally operates in an environment where they are most fulfilled and effective. Do you know where that environment is for your team members?

1. Every staff member will naturally gravitate toward their spiritual gift regardless of their position. Do you know what your staff/leaders spiritual gifts are?

Staff/Leadership Resources: