The PLACE Workshop is for those who have little knowledge of PLACE and are wanting to learn from scratch how to implement the PLACE process.

The PLACE Workshop is for those wanting a refresher who have been through PLACE either in a workshop setting hosted by PLACE Ministries or hosted at their church or organization.

The PLACE Workshop allows you during the first day to experience PLACE as a participant just as if Jay McSwain were presenting it to the members of your church or organization.

The PLACE Workshop introduces you

to the language (i.e. – DISC personalities,  Spiritual Gifts, Abilities, etc.). 

The PLACE Workshop allows you to view a PLACE coaching session and discuss how to do a one-on-one coaching session.

The PLACE Workshop during the second day is for formulating an implementation strategy for incorporating the PLACE process into your church or organization.

Over the past 20 years, we have conducted literally hundreds of training opportunities where we have asked you to come and give your most valuable resource you have -- your time. While we have provided many types of training we have primarily conducted two types of training with different objectives for each.

We regularly have people ask what is the difference between what we simply call the PLACE Workshop and the PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop Before describing the differences let’s look at the similarities between the two workshops.


  • Two Day Format
  • Primarily taught and led by Jay McSwain
  • Interactive format with small and large group discussion
  • Individual Exercises where those attending work with the material
  • Resources are a part of the registration to use in implementing PLACE
  • Groups are generally small and intimate for discussion
  • Highly motivational and visionary in how they are presented


Have you ever thought what is the most valuable resource you have in your life? What is a resource that is limited and cannot be reproduced? The simple answer to these two questions is:


If you want to know what you value, look at your checkbook and your calendar.

The PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop assumes you already have a strategy for
implementing PLACE and desire to implement the facilitating/coaching

of PLACE at a deeper and more

effective level.

The PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop is very in depth in how the facilitating of
PLACE is laid out versus the PLACE Workshop allowing you to experience it

as a participant.

The PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop dives into areas like different learning
environments and teaching styles best suited for PLACE.

The PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop assumes you are familiar with the PLACE language. 

​The PLACE Facilitator/Coaching Workshop explains the difference between coaching,
counseling, consulting and mentoring as it relates to PLACE.