Bottom Line:
In conclusion my desire is to support students and student leaders like yourself to have students at 32, 42, 52 year old or whatever season of life they are in say, “I love my job and can’t believe I get paid for it.”

PLACE Ministries would welcome the opportunity to come alongside you through our resources and services to support you in helping your students pick careers and jobs based upon how God uniquely created them.  Contact us to learn more about using the PLACE Student materials to help students learn how God created them so they can make the best decisions in life and ministry. 
The quote above is one I heard several years ago at Starbucks with a man whose wife asked if I would meet with her husband who was miserable in his job. However, I have heard similar statements too many times to count the last sixteen years since I started PLACE Ministries. I wish I could say the story above had a happy ending.

Unfortunately, the individual I meet with didn’t take my advice and put together a 3-4 year plan to transition out of his current job and pursue his dream of being a teacher. About two years after we meet he took a big promotion with a much bigger salary to move he and his family across the country. The last I heard he was separated from his wife and kids. My guess is he is just as miserable with his job and life as he was the morning we met at Starbucks.

So Why This Article?

You might be asking why this article which is directed at leaders who serve students being written about a 32 year old man not having a fulfilling job and life? Glad you asked. Most would agree many students begin formulating thoughts during high school regarding careers. Others go all the way through college and even spend many of their years after college trying to figure out what job to pursue that would be both fulfilling and one they would be competent in doing. My friend Dwight Howard, Sr. recently told me his son, Dwight Howard, Jr. told him he wanted to be the number one player taken in the NBA draft when he grew up. Fortunately, for Dwight at 18 right out of high school he was selected as the number one player taken in the NBA draft. So sometimes even at early ages students are making decisions about careers. I passionately believe part of their decision making should be based on how God has created them with certain competencies and passions that are reinforced through life experiences and sadly sometimes squelched through life experiences.

From the beginning when I created PLACE for adults my desire was to help people determine where to serve in church and ministry based on how God created them. Our material was called Finding Your PLACE in Ministry. However, from the very beginning our student curriculum was titled slightly different, Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry. We recognized from the beginning that students would process our resource from three perspectives: ministry, careers and relationships. What became apparent was by far the majority have seen themselves through the lens of relationships and how to use PLACE to have choose a career. On a side note now our adult resource is entitled Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry because I have seen adults process going through PLACE the same way as students.